Olive oil Sabina DOP

Balbina extra-virgin olive oil is produced by the Pezzanera estate, run by the brothers Andrea and Filippo Lelli Ponzani, using olives of the Carboncella and Frantoio varieties, harvested by hand and processed as quickly as possible using the old traditional cold-pressed method.  Balbina extra-virgin olive oil is guaranteed to be of the highest quality, with very low acidity and the following characteristics:

Distinctive fruity olive aroma.
Leafy-green colour, tending to golden-yellow.
Very slight bitter and piquant taste.
Leafy aftertaste.

Absolute naturalness, because of our system of production which respects the natural growth phases of the trees, the ripening times of the olives, and the correct storage of the oil itself. Only the olives from our own estate are used for Balbina oil, which makes it an exclusive product of the Sabina, one of the first olive oil producing areas in Italy to receive the DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) quality mark DOC - Sabina, with a decree from the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Resources dated 29 March 1995, published in the G. U. 142/1995, as well as recognition from the European Union as a protected origin denomination (DOP - Sabina), with the ruling no.2081/92.

Because of the commitment, the attention to detail, and the care that has gone into the production of Balbina extra-virgin olive oil, it will be appreciated by lovers of good cuisine and the authentic taste of Italian extra-virgin olive oil. It enhances the tastes of other foods rather than covering them, and we recommend the following uses:

Used raw: as a dressing for salads and vegetables, dribbled onto toasted bread, bean soups, or roast meats and fish.
In cooking: in all kinds of sauces for pasta or rice and in braised, roasted or grilled meat, game and fish. Because its qualities remain intact at high temperatures, it is also excellent for frying.